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James E. Blair jim at
Tue May 25 20:21:41 UTC 2021

Sorin Sbarnea <ssbarnea at> writes:

> To summarize the real question is oftc vs libera?
> These are my personal notes:
> - oftc is older and not tainted by the current issue
> - oftc does not have SASL auth, which I value,  a lot (certs are too hard
> to be practical)
> - i was told that there are several missing features on oftc that libera
> has affiliation cloaks, channel namespaces, a superior ban/moderation system
> - ansible team seems to go incline towards libera based on what I seen so
> far
> Two links others would find interesting:
> -
> -
> One particular comment I find very useful from Sagi:
> is made "against" Freenode, I don't know if it's going to be
>> removed in case of agreement for example. I'd vote for OFTC as being stable
>> and solid for a long time, proven for many projects like Debian and Ovirt,
>> and mostly because it's aside of all conflicts around Freenode.
> Sadly I do not see a clear winner yet and I hate to see fragmentation.

Thanks.  I agree that keeping close ties with Ansible is important, and
I agree that there isn't a clear choice between the two.

I forwarded my earlier points along with an additional point about
maintaining ties with Ansible to Jeremy's thread on the service-discuss
list based on your feedback.

To everyone: please feel free to reply to that if you want -- my
intention is to try to articulate what I think could be construed as the
consensus of the Zuul project so that the OpenDev folks have something
to work with, but there's plenty of room for individual feedback here.

Personally, I'm expecting OpenDev communities to move to OFTC and
Ansible to move to libera, and me personally to stay connected to both
simultaneously; something I hope we all do.


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