GitHub issues with 4.2.0

James E. Blair jim at
Tue May 25 14:44:44 UTC 2021

Artem Goncharov <artem.goncharov at> writes:

> Pretty much I have hardly recreated ZK cluster instead or cleaning up
> individual entries with zkCli (I somehow have not managed so far to
> properly automate SSL configuration so that CLI works - thus it was
> faster to go this way). On the other hand manual cleanup in ZK may
> also leave some orphans that I wanted to really avoid. It should be
> fine this way for the moment, but I wonder what is the long-term
> strategy with storing keys in zk? So far there is backup on the FS,
> but will it stay for a long time or will it go away?

It will go away, but only after we make a command line backup tool, like
"zuul export-keys".  An import sounds like a good idea too.  :)

> For the reset option ideally I would opt for the possibility to do
> this from zuul (i.e. `zuul reset_zk` similar to `nodepool
> erase`). This help users avoid manual mess with ZK and give
> possibility to optionally recreate state from backup or so. Here a
> proper way of injecting project keys should be also at least
> documented.

Yep, that sounds reasonable.  The general idea is that users should not
need to know the details of what's in ZK, so we won't have a lot of
tools to inspect or modify the ZK state directly.  But I think we can
have a tool to erase everything (or erase everything except keys -- I
would expect most operational errors not to involve keys, so we can
probably add an option to preserve keys and save time) so that it's
possible to recover from an unexpected state by running this and then
doing a cold start.


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