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James E. Blair jim at
Sat May 22 00:38:34 UTC 2021

Jeremy Stanley <fungi at> writes:

> I know lots of people are discussing the recent Freenode IRC
> upheaval and what it means for their projects. On behalf of the
> OpenDev sysadmins I've started a thread on the
> service-discuss at mailing list to get feedback from
> communities currently utilizing the OpenDev Collaboratory's IRC bot
> services in their channels on Freenode (meeting minutes/logging,
> Gerrit change events, OpenDev service status information, channel
> operator assistance):
> Please follow up there with your thoughts, to assist in our decision
> making, so we can take the needs of your project into account.
> Thanks!

Jeremy asked us to reply to the service-discuss list, but before we do,
let me make a strawman proposal, and we can see if we could call this a
consensus opinion for the Zuul project:

1) The current situation warrants relatively quick action (measured in
days), and therefore we should choose an IRC network and not broaden the
discussion to alternate technologies.

2) We're not opposed to exploring alternate technologies in the future.

3) Staying on FreeNode seems risky due to the control issues raised, the
declining availability of operators, and the likelihood of our
collaborators and potential collaborators wanting to avoid FreeNode in
the future, so we should probably move to a different network.

4) Either OFTC or are equally acceptable IRC networks.

5) We derive value from close collaboration with the OpenDev sysadmins
and other OpenDev users, and would like to move our official #zuul
channel to whichever network achieves consensus with the rest of the
OpenDev community.


Note: we do have control of the #zuul channel on all three networks, so
there is no technical issue with using any of them.

In point #4 I have suggested we are ambivalent about which network to
join; that could be a good tack to take if our personal opinions are
split about which to use.  I am personally ambivalent as well, so I
could merely be reflecting my own opinion here.  I am ambivalent because
my client will be connected to both (perhaps even all three) networks
for the foreseeable future.  If others have a reason to prefer one or
the other, that would be good to know.  I would be happy to endorse
either.  We could either collect that info now and present it to
service-discuss, or of course people can present their own arguments

In other words, I am very weakly attached to points 3 and 4.  I am very
strongly attached to points 1 and 5.

Let me know what you think of this; if we can present a Zuul-project
consensus, then I think that would be helpful for the decision making
process.  If we can't, that's okay too.


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