How to use zuul enqueue-ref?

James E. Blair jim at
Sat May 15 20:29:11 UTC 2021

On 5/15/21 1:12 PM, Vitaliy Lotorev wrote:
> сб, 15 мая 2021 г. в 17:05, Artem Goncharov <artem.goncharov at 
> <mailto:artem.goncharov at>>:
>     I have also seen this behaviour, but it doesn’t really look like a
>     real error, it only reports so while the latest ref is being used.
> I my case the build ends with an ERROR, playbooks are not executing on 
> executor.
>     “Trigger” never played role on that (and I guess it also should
>     not). However if you pass “—newrev HASH”
>     (
>     <>)
>     you will get it properly reported in the UI and logs. BTW, do you
>     have it on GitHub or Gerrit driver?
> I use Gerrit driver.
> Adding --newrev <latest-sha-from-master> did the trick - the job 
> enqueued and ran.
> Thanks for helping.
> The issue is with documentation 
> <>, 
> it gives an explicit example for periodic pipeline without --newrev 
> option which confused me.
> Please have a look at the change updating documentation 
> <>.

I believe this is a regression, possibly due to a recent change related 
to buildset global repo states.  Newrev should not be required.

(Newrev appearing as 0000 is expected behavior, but the job failure due 
to missing default branch is not.)

I do agree that manually setting it is probably doing the right thing 
(though I haven't verified that -- it's worth double checking the output 
of the job to verify) and is a reasonable temporary workaround.


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