How to use zuul enqueue-ref?

James E. Blair jim at
Sat May 15 00:22:28 UTC 2021

Vitaliy Lotorev <lotorev at> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to run 'zuul enqueue-ref' to run project in periodic pipeline as
> it's defined in zuul client docs
> The project I'm enqueueing runs automatically daily in this pipeline just
> fine.
> Command I run in scheduler environment to manually enqueue:
>   zuul enqueue-ref --tenant <mytenant> --trigger timer --pipeline periodic
> --project <project> --ref refs/for/master

Try "--ref refs/heads/master"

(I'm assuming the project does have a master branch.)

Also, assuming a relatively recent Zuul, you can omit the "--trigger"


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