Zuul deployment options

Sankar Palanivel sankar.palanivel at est.tech
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Hi James,

Thank you so much!

Sankar Palanivel

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Sankar Palanivel <sankar.palanivel at est.tech> writes:

> Hi Jim,
> Thank you so much for your repones and suggestions!
> Could you please suggest whether we can we keep the mysql db container
> along with zuul scheduler & web service cotainers in the same instance

Again, that's up to you and your site-specific tolerances.  If the
machine can support them, there's no technical reason not to.  The main
reasons to separate them would be to spread out IO load and for
resiliency, fault-tolerance, and maintenance.

OpenDev separates them so that we can dedicate a lot of RAM to the
scheduler since that installation is quite large.

An even more resilient system would use an external database cluster for

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