Zuul deployment options

Sankar Palanivel sankar.palanivel at est.tech
Wed May 5 14:12:44 UTC 2021

Hi Team,

We are planning to use zuul for some of our projects. Could you please help me out on the following queries?

  1.  Best way to deploy zuul in production is using QuickStart (using docker-compose) option or install from scratch option?
  2.  Based on the selection from question 1, how zuul can be scaled for future requirements?
  3.  I dont find resource requirements (memory/cpu/disk) for any of the zuul services. Please confirm which of the zuul services are  (executor, scheduler, nodepool, zookeeper, web, logs, DB) resource intensive?
  4.  Is it okayto have zookeeper standalone instance for nodepool launcher with openstack provider? or it needs to have a zookeeper in cluster mode?

Sankar Palanivel
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