Proposal: website

Ian Wienand iwienand at
Tue Jun 15 05:15:08 UTC 2021

On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 02:41:14PM -0700, James E. Blair wrote:
> * A one-page site that explains/promotes the concept of project gating.

I agree with this, I wrote

quite some time ago as a stab at a similar thing.  Similar to Monty's
replies some of it may be useful as copy.  Too Zuul specific for the
general idea though.

> Just to try to communicate the framework I'm thinking -- maybe a "hero"
> sentence at the top to set the stage, then maybe one of those things
> where there's a row of 3 benefits with nice graphics, then under that
> there's more text...

FWIW I feel like the angle of "humans don't merge code" would be my
headline.  When you look at it from the angle of "yeah, I ran the
testing a week ago and it was fine; sure we've committed 50 things
since then, but I *feel* like it should still be OK ... git push" it
seems insane.  Yet this is how a large amount of development happens


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