newbie: wrong comment url posted

Åsmund Østvold asmundo at
Wed Jan 27 13:46:43 UTC 2021

hi Again,

I am sorry to have to ask but. I have spent the day trying to find the

Zuul posts wrong url to logs in Gerrit comments. We get

But we should get:


The host that is running the docker-compose env had originally .net ending.
Now it is renamed and I have to resolve the url issue. I have searched all
of my setup folders. It has only minor changes to the docker-compose
example provided. And I have not explisetly specified
anyware now. In an attempt to fix the issue I have added web.root and
web.status_url in etc_zuul/zuul.conf.j2 without it taking effect. I have
verified that the new config is present in the docker containers.


Again any help would be appreciated!

Even if we are having some small issues like this one I still enjoy Zuul
very much!

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