behavior change for pull-from-intermediate-registry

James E. Blair jim at
Tue Jan 26 19:51:10 UTC 2021

Paul Belanger <pabelanger at> writes:

> The network-ee-sanity-tests job today:
>     requires:
>       - network-ee-sanity-tests-container-image
> It is our network-ee-build-container-image job that produces it today,
> which will always be in the current buildset.  No other images, are
> needed.

Yep that makes sense.  Based on what you say, I think you can remove
that.  "requires" is specifically for depending on artifacts from other
changes, and I think you have confirmed you never need artifacts from
other changes in this job.

Removing that will make it invisible to pull-from-intermediate registry,
and then your test job will only have the image built by the build job
for the same change.

If you're building the image completely from scratch based on the git
repos on disk, you'll still benefit from Depends-On because other
changes will be in those git repos.  You only need provides/requires if
your container image depends on another container image (or if your test
job depends on a container image built by a different project).

The rule of thumb is:

  to establish a relationship between different changes: provides/requires
  to establish a relationship between different jobs in the same change: dependencies


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