behavior change for pull-from-intermediate-registry

Paul Belanger pabelanger at
Tue Jan 26 19:09:19 UTC 2021


I believe we've encountered a new use case for
pull-from-intermediate-registry and would like some feedback.

TL;DR: pull-from-intermediate-registry will blindly overwrite images in
the buildset-registry, I'd like to expose a way to toggle that feature.

Today in zuul.a.c (ansible) we are in the process of migrating a lot of
our testing to containers. As such, we have a new project called:

This is the main repo used for building containers, and a job called:


Basically, this job run generic enough to run in multiple projects,
creating a new container image called:

(there are more images, but we'll use this for the example)

In our case, the new use case happens when using depends-on headers with
network-ee-build-container-image jobs.

We also have an image test job, which create:

using above. So for
network-ee-sanity-tests job to run, first pause
network-ee-build-container-image, then the sanity test job will run.

The network-ee-sanity-tests job, parents to our:

  ansible-buildset-registry-consumer job

Which, is basically the same as opendev's version.  In this job, is
where we run the pull-from-intermediate-registry role, to interact with
the previous PR and copy images.

The issue, in our case, is because our network-ee-build-container-image
job runs in multiple places, it is possible for PR B, which depends on
PR A, to have PR Bs images
overwritten by PR A version.

Here is an example:

we have a failing job, network-ee-sanity-test. Looking at the logs, we
have used:


which you can see, is copied in from the intermediate registry:

If you dig more, sha256:8035644 is not produced from:

our image build job in the buildset, but the parent job located at:

It took me a while, to fully understand what is happening, so I wanted
to share here.  In our case, I can think of 2 potential solutions.

1). update our ansible-buildset-registry-consumer job, to expose a flag
to toggle the usage of pull-from-intermediate-registry. Given that our
test jobs really don't need images from another PR, and we always
rebuild, I think this is the safest option.

2). Expose a new flag in pull-from-intermediate-registry to first check
if an image exists in the buildset registry, if not, don't copy over it.
As it _should_ be a newer image, that was build in the current change,
which already includes the changes of the previous depends-on change.

Hopefully I explained clearly what is happening, if not, I can share
more information.


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