Gerrit: tags on changes not merged do not trigger builds

Guillaume Chauvel guillaume.chauvel at
Fri Jan 22 18:05:05 UTC 2021

What you want to do is not (currently) possible with Zuul

You are not seeing the item being dequeued because you need DEBUG log level

To Highlight what James had answered, "a Tag is not related to a Change":

manager (pipeline) iteration:
[2] build_set.merge_state is NEW, scheduleMerge is called
[3] 'self.sched.merger.getRepoState' is called instead of
[4] getRepoState calls job merger:refstate
[5] merger:refstate checks that the Tag revision is part of a branch
[6] build_set.merge_state is set to COMPLETED and containing_branches is
set to item_in_branches (empty)

manager (pipeline) iteration:
build_set.merge_state is COMPLETED
[7] as containing_branches is empty BranchMatcher returns False
[8] Item is dequeued

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