teaming up with patternfly team on building a generic ANSI/terminal component

Sorin Sbarnea ssbarnea at
Sat Jan 16 10:27:56 UTC 2021

Pattern-fly work on adding a log-viewer component started. Look at last
comments from the ticket and you will see a proposed UI mockup, one that
can be reviewed.

So far I did not see any zuul cores sending feedback there but I hope this
will change.

Instead of reinventing the wheel and doing custom components for zuul UI,
we should better assure that next versions of patternfly would not need
more custom components.


On 17 Nov 2020 at 08:35:54, Sorin Sbarnea <ssbarnea at> wrote:

> As we had lots of discussions recently around ANSI processing in zuul,
> with multiple approaches for enabling ANSI in zuul I realized that maybe we
> should aim to resolve this at patternfly level, so any application using it
> may benefit from it.
> They have very good UX designers, something that we kinda miss around here.
> Few days ago I raised
> and they want
> some extra feedback on this.
> I would like to invite those interested to watch and reply on this ticket,
> maybe we can end-up with an awesome solution.
> Cheers,
> --
> /sorin
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