Adopting Discourse for mailing list?

albin vass albinvass at
Thu Jan 14 11:38:51 UTC 2021

I don't have any input on discourse itself and I don't know if
adopting it is the best way to go but my experience with mailing lists
so far is that they're very awkard to use.
I'm never sure how to respond to the discussion correctly:
  should I just hit reply all to the mail I want to reply to?
  who should the reply be sent to? the mailing list only? (which by
default is set to only receive a copy in gmail)
  how do I make sure I reply to the correct conversation at all? does
it match the topic?
However I also try to avoid mail as much as possible since it feels
very dated and I feel like there are usually better ways to

It's also very hard to navigate older conversations (to me they feel
like they're lost forever).

I understand that for people who have always used mailing lists it
probably feels very simple to use and I can probably get used to it.
But compared to more modern solutions a mailing list can be a bit
alienating because it's not as intuitive and easy to understand (or at
least it works a lot different compared to what people are used to).
So I think it would be good to keep that in mind.

Albin Vass

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