Adopting Discourse for mailing list?

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Sun Jan 10 19:32:46 UTC 2021

On 2021-01-07 16:27:35 -0500 (-0500), Kenny Ho wrote:
> Ok. The main thing I miss is search, both SEO (such that thread
> content shows up on Google more prominently)

This I'm not too sure we should try to exert direct control over.
Search engines are constantly tweaking their rating algorithms in an
attempt to present the most relevant results to their users.
Assuming they succeed at the task, we can accomplish this goal by
providing relevant content. Trying to make sure people find
information they're looking for about Zuul is a good thing, of
course, but chasing search engine rankings is necessarily manual
effort and can consume a lot of time our community members would
rather spend making Zuul better. I'm skeptical about the suggestion
that simply switching our discussion platform will magically add
"SEO juice" to whatever we're talking about, but if Discourse can
then a newer version of Mailman probably can too.

> and search within the archive itself.

I agree this could be useful, but most public search engines
(including goggle) also let you limit results by site if you want to
use them to search within a site. For example, this turns up the
Nodepool release announcement which mentions the addition of its new
readiness probe functionality:

I use that trick often to dig into archives for things which are
indexed by popular search engines but which don't themselves have an
integrated search feature. That said, Mailman3's Hyperkitty Web-UI
does have an archive search built in, so if we upgrade then it would
also become an option.
Jeremy Stanley
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