Adopting Discourse for mailing list?

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Thu Jan 7 20:59:48 UTC 2021

On 2021-01-07 15:46:07 -0500 (-0500), Kenny Ho wrote:
> Just curious, has anyone thought of adopting Discourse (
> for either Zuul or OpenDev (or both)
> for hosting mailing lists and forums?  I am just wondering since
> Discourse seems to have more functionalities and it is open
> source.  Some examples of open source organizations using
> Discourse are Fedora ( and
> Mozilla (

What we're using now is also open source (Mailman). I've done some
preliminary testing with the latest version of it (Mailman 3) which
has a lot more features as well, while remaining more like a mailing
list than like a "web forum." My experiences with Discourse so far
are that it's really not very good at serving as a traditional
mailing list. It can send you copies of new posts via E-mail and
accept posts via E-mail, but the experience for those of us wanting
to communicate with mail clients would not be as nice as what we
have now.

Some examples of open source organizations using Mailman 3 are
Fedora ( ) and
Python ( ).
Jeremy Stanley
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