Gerrit: tags on changes not merged do not trigger builds

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Wed Jan 6 18:00:30 UTC 2021

On 2021-01-06 09:47:28 -0800 (-0800), James E. Blair wrote:
> Take the event ID from the first line and grep for that:
>   4435a9ca5b92495086f3083cf41e62fd
> That should grab everything related to the event, and hopefully
> indicate why no jobs were run or why it was dequeued.

Also keep in mind that if there are related Python tracebacks, they
wind up as multi-line entries not prefixed by the event ID, so you
might look immediately after loglines for that ID to see if any
contain the string "Traceback" (though they should generally
correspond to some sort of logged error which *will* include the
event ID).
Jeremy Stanley
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