help to getting speculative merged testing fixed

James E. Blair jim at
Wed Apr 28 17:57:47 UTC 2021

On 4/28/21 3:49 AM, Åsmund Østvold wrote:
> hi
> Probably a newbie mistake. I have:
> - job:
>      name: build-integration-tests
>      parent: base
>      run: playbooks/build_and_integrationtest.yaml
>      required-projects:
>        - resoptima/irma
>        - name: resoptima/tools
>          override-checkout: main
>        - zuul/irma-common-jobs
>        - resoptima/irma.fileimporter
> In the gate pipeline I get parallel unrelated merged executions, see 
> attached image.
> I am sure I did something wrong. Any help appreciated!

Ah, you need to tell Zuul that those two projects share a queue (it 
probably could figure that out automatically based on jobs and required 
projects, but it doesn't).

Set the 'queue' attribute with the same value on the project definition 
of both projects:


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