GitHub issues with 4.2.0

Artem Goncharov artem.goncharov at
Wed Apr 21 08:54:19 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I had unfortunately no time to investigate it deeper and rolled back to 4.1 (since we deploy zuul in k8 there are currently no old logs). What I have however noted:

- gating for GitHub driver doesn’t work for us. The event is empty ( <> tells event.label is empty). The same was also happening for reviews ( <> - "because Reviews [{'type': 'approved', 'permission': 'write'}] does not match dict_values([])”)
- merger was failing: <> - ‘branch’ key is missing. Here I might be giving wrong line reference, since this is purely from memory, but it was definitely complaining to ‘branch'

Rollback to 4.1 immediately "fixed" both issues, therefore I do not think this is a problem in the configuration on its own.

I would try to deploy some test instance to play with it. This is currently just a feedback to 4.2.0 and potential warning to the ones using Zuul with GitHub

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