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I’m doing an eval of Zuul-CI for my team.  I’ve previously used Jenkins and internally/purpose-built CI systems.  So Ansible is new to me.

I’m using the quick-start tutorial so this is all in the Docker containers and images from the tutorial.  I’m running this on a Ubuntu bare-metal machine.

And please let me know if there is a more appropriate forum to ask this question or get eval support.

So what I tried to do was use a simple job from zuul-jobs.  I thought `markdownlint` would be straight-forward.  Here’s the rabbit hole that I went down.

  1.  The quick-start tutorial is using `Ubuntu Focal` images for the `node`
  2.  I added a second `node` using `Ubuntu Groovy`
  3.  I can run `testjob` and a custom job (playbook with `shell`s) on the Groovy node
  4.  I tried to run the `markdownlint` Zuul job on the Groovy node but it fails on the `ensure-nodejs` role
     *   It tries to add ` groovy main` as a repo
     *   This fails because `dists/groovy` only exists in the 10/12/14/15.x repos
     *   I tried many different ways to assign `node_version` to 15, but the job always fails trying to add `node_6.x`

From the Ansible documentation, I see that there are many places in precedence to overwrite a role’s default value, but I have not gotten any of these to work.  And I’m unclear about how the precedence extends into Zuul’s `job.vars` and `jobs.extra-vars` (are these equivalent to passing on Ansible’s command line?).


- mike.

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