Proposed behavior change on reconfiguration

James E. Blair jim at
Fri Apr 9 23:33:51 UTC 2021


We recently merged some changes which improve the consistency of the git
repos in different jobs within the same buildset.  While it's always the
case that every job in a buildset has the same view of the projects
involved in its shared queue, projects outside of that queue (including
projects involved in providing Zuul roles, playbooks and job
required-projects) have not been synchronized, meaning that if a change
merged in one of those projects between two jobs in a buildset starting,
the earlier job would not see the change and the later job would.

It seems more natural for Zuul to fix the state of all of the repos
involved in all of the jobs of a buildset, and so the change that we
recently merged did this.  While this seems like a straightforward
change, it had an unanticipated effect on reconfiguration.

When Zuul performs a reconfiguration, any jobs that are added to a
project are added to currently running buildsets and started; likewise,
jobs may be removed from buildsets.  Any jobs which are modified but
have already run will retain their previous results, but jobs which have
not yet run will do so with the new configuration.

It turns out that the idea of fixing all of the repos involved in a
buildset and also being able to dynamically add, remove, and alter jobs
are fundamentally at odds.  The simplest example of this is a
reconfiguration that adds a playbook to the zuul-jobs repo, while a job
on an unrelated repo is running If Zuul has frozen the state of all the
repos involved (including zuul-jobs) then the updated version of the job
will reference a playbook which will not appear in the previously frozen
repo state.

In other words, we can freeze both the configuration and the repos, or

Earlier in Zuul's development, we felt that the ability to add, remove,
or alter jobs while they were running was fairly important.  However,
Zuul and its usage has evolved considerably since then.

I'd like to propose that we continue down the path of freezing both the
repo state and the job configuration within a buildset.  This means than
in the future, if a job is added, removed, or altered during a
reconfiguration, it will not take effect for any currently running
buildsets, but will take effect for any buildsets started after the
reconfiguration (that includes new buildsets created on gate resets).

Given the potentially significant change to a long-standing Zuul
behavior, I ask that anyone relying on this or who feels that they may
be affected by this to please let us know.



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