RFP: making .sh files browsable instead of downloadable on collected logs.

Sorin Sbarnea ssbarnea at redhat.com
Fri May 29 17:06:25 UTC 2020

Several colleagues told me that since Zuul moved to swift storage, the .sh files are no longer browsable.

I agreed with them, so I propose enforcing plain/text mime type for this file extension via:

Some argues that doing this may affect other users that may have different expectations, like to download the file and run it locally instead.

One such example is the `download-logs.sh` script, which is unlikely that we want to "browse" it (even if running code from the internet without looking at it may count as a real security risk).

Usually when I download something, I copy link and user curl to download it to specific location, so I do not feel myself affected. In many cases the script I want to run has to run on another remote machine, so the copy url seems more flexible.

Even if we make all .sh files browsable by default, we do not really prevent anyone from triggering the download action from the browser.

There are 3 directions we can take here:

a) change mime/type to plain/text for .sh files (approve CR)
b) keep the current mime/type which triggers download (reject CR)
c) add custom exception for download-logs.sh to keep it downloadable (extra work/complexity/where to keep exceptions/...)

I hope that c) would not be required because it adds extra complexity at multiple levels, especially as we have multiple storage backends.

So please think about it and cast your vote, that is one place where we need a lot of feedback in order to decide which UX is optimal.

Sorin Sbarnea

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