Feedback on StarlingX pilot project

Ildiko Vancsa ildiko.vancsa at
Mon May 4 06:46:45 UTC 2020

Hi Zuul Community,

I’m reaching out to you about the StarlingX project as they will start their confirmation process with the OSF staff and Board of Directors next week with a few pre-review and early feedback calls to prepare for their confirmation review on the next Board meeting in early June. A draft of the slide deck[1] they plan to present is available for reference.

Per the confirmation guidelines[2], the OSF Board of directors will take into account the feedback from representative bodies of existing confirmed Open Infrastructure Projects (Airship, Kata, OpenStack and Zuul) when evaluating StarlingX for confirmation. You may recall this process from when the Zuul Community went through it last year.

Particularly worth calling out, guideline #4 "Open collaboration” asserts the following:

  Project behaves as a good neighbor to other confirmed and pilot projects.

If you have any observations/interactions with the StarlingX project which could serve as useful examples for how this project does or does not meet this and other guidelines, please provide them on the etherpad[3] ASAP. If possible, include a citation with links to substantiate your feedback.

I'll assemble this feedback and send it to the Board (via the public foundation mailing list) for consideration before their meeting next week. If you could give your feedback till the end of this week that would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Ildikó Váncsa


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