Zuul v4/v5 planning

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Wed Mar 4 17:45:41 UTC 2020


Some folks in IRC recently brainstormed how to sequence the changes
needed to implement the scale-out-scheduler spec.  This is the plan we
came up with, including a description of the changes at a high level,
along with the major version numbers for important releases.

Our current plan is to perform all of this development on the master
branch, continue other unrelated development at the same time, and
release interim releases as appropriate in the usual manner.

We believe this sequence is constructed in a way that will enable
everyone to continue to deploy the latest releases (or commits) of Zuul
in the usual way with minimal disruption.  At the end of the process,
you'll be able to deploy more than one scheduler.  :)

There will be a couple of points in the timeline where we will ask you
to make forward-compatible changes to your configuration or deployment.
As long as you make those changes before the upcoming release which
requires them, we don't expect any issues.

Here is the current plan:

* Add support for Zookeeper auth
* Ask users to configure Zookeeper auth, ensure all Zuul components
  can reach the Zookeeper cluster, and define an SQL connection
* Release last 3.x series
* Require Zookeeper auth
* Have all components connect to Zookeeper, even if they just idle for now
* SQL reporters are required (an implied SQL reporter is added to every
  pipeline, explicit SQL reporters are ignored)
* Release 4.0.0
* Warn on explicit SQL reporters in pipelines 
* Start adding in more Zookeeper stuff, removing equivalent gearman as appropriate
* Release 4.1.0
* Error on explicit sql reporters in pipelines
* Complete HA scheduler work
* Release 5.0.0


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