Addressing users needs via the CLI

Tobias.Henkel at Tobias.Henkel at
Thu Aug 20 08:48:44 UTC 2020

´╗┐On 22.06.20, 19:54, "James E. Blair" <corvus at> wrote:

    Matthieu Huin <mhuin at> writes:
    > Thus I am proposing a split in the CLI, as in this review:
    > The zuul-web-cli would address the use cases of tenant admins, and provide
    > automation tools to regular users outside of the GUI. I would like for
    > example to integrate the tool in it, to streamline the
    > user experience. Now the question is, should this "non-op" CLI live in the
    > Zuul repository, or have its own dedicated project? Should it exist at all,
    > or should we instead let users develop their own custom-tailored tools
    > around the REST API? On the other hand, should admin tools like
    > be integrated into the admin CLI?
    > Let me know what you think!

    From what you describe, I tend to think that a new project
    (zuul/zuul-cli or similar) will be the best approach.  That will let us
    have minimal dependencies.


I agree that we should create zuul/zuul-cli for this as this is the easiest option to
package a cli with minimal dependencies since this is crucial for our users.


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