Zuul POC : Facing issues while configuring pipeline in Zuul;.

Divya sopan Hole divyasopanhole at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 06:12:02 UTC 2020

Hello Team,

We are doing POC on Zuul implementation on cloud infrastructure.

During implementation we are stuck in pipeline creation & also not able to
see any zuul status on GitHub.

Problem Title: Facing issues while configuring CI CD pipeline in Zuul

OS , Tools & version: Ubuntu (VM), Zuul 3.0, github.com

Description of the problem:

1.Where should the config files need to be placed? Config files such as
pipeline.yaml , .zuul.yaml etc.

2.Where should the config project and untrusted project reside and how to
define it ?
(Like full path or repo address)

3.We configured our pipelines and all in a separate github repo but does
not show "builds"(zuul dashboard showing continuously loading.
It is not showing any build reports on Github )

4.We are currently running all jobs in localhost that means no nodes apart
from localhost.
Do we need extra nodes to run the jobs ?

Steps tried:

1.Created Github App using the link :

2.Tried configuring Zuul pipeline.yaml under zuul-test-conf repo and

3.Added an initial pipeline configuration to
the zuul-test-config repository.
Inside that project, we have created a zuul.yaml file.

4.In the zuul-test project, created a .zuul.yaml file with the following

        - noop

Can you please help us on the solution or documentation where we can look

Divya Hole
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