Proposed new project: zuul-registry

James E. Blair corvus at
Tue Sep 17 20:26:54 UTC 2019

"Clark Boylan" <cboylan at> writes:

> I think I mentioned this in an infra meeting recently, but it might be
> a good idea to double check that no existing registry meets these
> requirements. Maybe even add that data to the README for the repo.

Yes, good idea.

> Specifically I think we decided that openshift's registry must run in
> openshift. Pulp's registry was maybe worth a quick look? Harbor is one
> that is incubating in CNCF and claims robust rbac (worth a look?) All
> the others I can find are either hosted for you or not open source.

Harbor can operate as a pull-through cache, but just like the standard
docker registry, it can't then *also* store images locally, so we'd end
up with the dual-registry hack we have now.

Pulp's crane is very interesting in that it acts as an intelligent 302
redirector.  That seems to have promise in this area, in that it could
simplify the task of making multiple registries appear as one.  But I
don't see a way of configuring pass-through for repositories it doesn't
know about.  Notably, adding that would be difficult for the way we want
to use it in that if we are pretending to be DockerHub, we can't
actually configure crane to redirect to DockerHub; we have to proxy it
ourselves.  So it would be a notable expansion of Crane's remit.


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