Zuul statistics on the Train dev cycle

Matthieu Huin mhuin at redhat.com
Fri Oct 18 07:59:04 UTC 2019


I'd be curious to get some stats on the Train dev cycle from Zuul's
standpoint. For example:

* Amount of jobs run by Zuul
* Amount of nodes managed by Nodepool
* Amount of failed gate builds, maybe also as a ratio of failed/total gate
builds: this would give an idea (assuming the false negatives are rare) of
how critical speculative merging is for OpenStack
* Amount of patches with cross-repo dependencies

I assume most of these can be computed from the SQL reporter data (granted
you have access to that). Has anybody tried to get these stats? If not,
would anybody want to help me play around with the data and see what we can
come up with?



Matthieu Huin

Senior Software Developper

Red Hat <https://www.redhat.com>

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