Ansible version changes to Zuul

Paul Belanger pabelanger at
Fri Oct 11 13:42:45 UTC 2019


This came up again today in #openstack-infra, which reminded me to send
this email.

I'd like to propose we make the following changes to Zuul to increase
the versions of Ansible we are supporting. For example:

  Remove support for ansible 2.5:

We have marked Ansible 2.5 deprecated for some time, and the Ansible
project move 2.5 branch to EOL 6 months ago. I believe it is time for
Zuul to also drop it.

  Switch ansible_default to 2.8:

Both and Zuul tenant on have been
running Ansible 2.8 for a while now. I don't believe we've seen any
issues related to Ansible 2.8 (but I could be mistaken).  I believe it
is somewhat safe to default the version of Ansible to 2.8 now.  This
also marks Ansible 2.6 as deprecated, as it will move into EOL upstream
in the next month when Ansible 2.9 is released.

  WIP: Support Ansible 2.9:

Finally, with Ansible 2.9 to be released at the end of the month, I
think it would be fantastic if we could also do a same day release of
Zuul.  This only adds Ansible 2.9 support, but doesn't change the
default version used by jobs. Reviews on this would be helpful!

For all above, I think we should try to over-communicate the changes,
maybe email to announce list, then in 1 or 2 weeks work to merge them.



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