Common Questions from Ansiblefest

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Thu Oct 10 23:34:48 UTC 2019

On Thu, Oct 10, 2019, at 11:51 AM, Jimmy McArthur wrote:
> We recently attended Ansiblefest in Atlanta and Zuul had a booth there. 
> It was a great opportunity to meet with existing and potential Zuulies. 
> Some common questions popped up over and over again, so I wanted to 
> crowd source some answers that we could place on our FAQ:
> * How does Zuul compare to:
> ** Jenkins

I did start an early version of this on the FAQ though I'm happy to hear suggestions for others on how we might make it more comprehensive.

> ** Molecule

Molecule is a test runner for Ansible. It is used to test your Ansible playbooks. Zuul is an entire CI system that leverages Ansible to run its workloads. One of the workloads that Zuul can run for you is Molecule tests.

> ** Tower

I'll do my best with this one but I've never used tower so feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Zuul is designed to trigger continuous integration and deployment jobs based on events in your code review system. This means Zuul is coupled to actions like new commits showing up, reviewer approval, commits merging, git tags, and so on. Tower on the other hand is meant to trigger arbitrary Ansible playbooks on demand via arbitrary human inputs. The use cases here are slightly different. That said you can totally use Zuul to test the playbooks you add to Tower then when you trigger them in Tower you'll know they are working.

> * Is Zuul a replacement for Jenkins?

For some of our users Zuul has been a replacement for Jenkins. Others use Zuul and Jenkins together. Zuul intends to be a fully featured CI and CD system that does not need Jenkins to operate. Additionally you do not need Jenkins to get any additional features in Zuul itself.

> * Does it work with GitLab?

Since your shoutout on twitter we've got initial changes to support GitLab proposed in Gerrit. The stack starts at For the FAQ I would say something like "A Zuul driver to support GitLab as a code review input is in the early stages of development. We hope to have this in a release as soon as possible."

> I believe those were the majors.  Let me know if you're able to 
> contribute some responses
> Cheers,
> Jimmy

Other questions that I remember:

* Can I self host my Zuul?

Absolutely. Zuul is Open Source software which you are free to deploy yourself.

* Can I run Zuul air gapped?

To function properly Zuul needs to talk to your code review system and some sort of test compute resources. As long as Zuul can talk to those (perhaps they are similarly air gapped), then running Zuul without external connectivity should be fine.

* Is there a hosted version of Zuul I can pay for?

Yes, Vexxhost has recently announced their hosted Zuul product. You can find details here: TODO_FIND_THE_URL

* Can I pay someone for Zuul support?

Perhaps we can point to Vexxhost for this too? Also we are super helpful and friendly upstream if you contact us via the mailing list and/or IRC.

Hope this helps,

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