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Thierry Carrez thierry at
Tue Oct 8 14:39:08 UTC 2019

James E. Blair wrote:
> [...]
> I performed a similar search to goal #1: "open source ci" and the top
> hit (at least in my google bubble) looked pretty actionable.  I've
> started an etherpad with a list:
> Maybe we can list suggestions there and sign up for taking those on.

On the first goal, I split the tasks between:

1. Get added to reference lists
2. Produce new content mentioning Zuul in "open source CI tools" context
3. Zuul website optimization

On the first topic, I just added Zuul to the website (which 
shows up for some reason in my first page of Google hits for "open 
source CI tools"). Feel free to +1 it and enrich the PROs ;)

Paul: did you submit a PR for awesome-ci site? If not, do you want me to?

Is there anyone with Wikipedia credentials interested in writing a Zuul 
wikipedia article and reference it on CI pages ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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