Zuul project update 2019-05-29

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Wed May 29 20:29:40 UTC 2019


It's been a while since I've sent one of these out, largely due to a
busy schedule involving launching OpenDev, vacation, conferences, and
associated travel.  Now seems a good time to try to resync.

First specs:

I think the tenant-scoped admin web API spec is ready for final
approval.  I think everyone who has helped refine that has had their
issues addressed, so we probably just need folks to go over it once
again and give it the OK.  I'd like to merge that next Friday, June 7
unless anyone thinks we need more time.  Please take a look:


The operator spec should probably be a priority for us too, based on the
amount of interest here (and the POC implementation Tristan has waiting
in the wings).  This one is still in the design phase, so please add
your comments now to make sure it takes the right shape:


Other activity:

Tristan has updated the freeze-job stack again, and started work on a
new "cleanup" phase which we've previously discussed adding.

Shrews has cleaned up image build leaks in Nodepool's builder, improved
Nodepool unit tests and tooling around detecting memory leaks.  He
ported the OpenDev Nodepool to use jemalloc -- it seems that our general
recommendation for operating large Zuul systems is to use that.  He's
currently working on improving the Zuul autohold experience.  We may
want to look into whether we should line that up behind the tenant web
admin API to avoid conflicts.

Tobias has been adding event IDs to log messages and generally improving
the logging system to account for that kind of extra data; this should
help trace events through the various services.  In the GitHub driver,
he's adding support for CODEOWNERS files, and a squash-merge option.
And he's working on support for smart reconfiguration (like full
reconfiguration but only for tenants that changed their configs).

I've been working on a job to test the new Docker registry roles.  It's
raising some issues about how we should do testing of zuul-jobs repos
going forward, and it's looking like we may need a new repo to hold
these test jobs.  I'll propose a change to create that after I get the
first draft of this job finished.

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