Zuul project update 2019-03-25

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Mon Mar 25 17:55:50 UTC 2019


Since the last update, Tristan has updated the zookeeper auth patch
based on recent comments, rebased the zuul-runner patch on the
multi-ansible stack, and Investigated how to enable the executor service
to use a COE.

I expect we'll have a good discussion about that once Tristan's findings
are ready.

Fabian worked on a Elasticsearch Zuul reporter to enable indexation of
build and buildset data. It enable building analytics dashboards on top
of Kibana for instance.

I reviewed and helped merge Tobias's work on multi-ansible.  We upgrade
OpenDev's Zuul, released 3.7.0, found some bugs, fixed them, and I plan
on releasing 3.7.1 today.

Next I plan on reviewing the zuul-runner series (as outlined in the
previous update email).

The remainder of the backlog from the last update email:

1) The zuul-runner series

   This has been in development for a long time, and has a significant
   impact on the executor.  Now that the multi-ansible series has merged
   and it has been rebased, let's focus on this next.

2) The web authentication spec

   This has been in development for a while, and folks working on it
   recently signaled it's ready for review.  This shouldn't conflict
   with anything ahead of it, so we can review it as time permits.

3) The web authentication series

   Once the spec lands, we can review the implementation which has been
   developing in parallel.

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