Zuul single-user use case for GitHub

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Thu Dec 26 00:03:19 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

With my recent efforts at trying to see how we can make Zuul more
accessible, starting with contributing back all the Helm charts to
deploy Zuul inside Kubernetes (those are still pending review), I'm
hitting a common wall right now which doesn't allow gating a project
that's managed by a single user.

The *root* of the this issue is that as a user in GitHub, you are not
able to "approve" your pull request, even if you're an administrator.
This presents an issue for projects where the scenario is a single
individual which is pushing pull requests towards their own

With the inability of 'approving' your own pull request, this leaves a
few other options, however, they are all a bit painful right now and
introduce a bit of a risk.

1. Enqueue changes into 'gate' once a user comments something like
"lgtm".  This works, however, the issue is that our current
implementation of the trigger does not take into consideration if this
user has admin/write/read roles and therefore can allow anyone to do

2. Using GitHub labels which AFAIK can be added/removed by anyone and
it is probably not a very good user experience (commenting "lgtm" or
something is very popular in projects like Kubernetes or Ansible).

3. Some other combination of hacks??

I'm thinking the best ideal workaround is for Zuul to be able to
understand comments and the role that the user has when they place a
comment, perhaps it would be interesting to pick up some of the code
review process that is used inside Kubernetes (prow) and put that
logic in: https://github.com/kubernetes/community/blob/master/contributors/guide/owners.md#the-code-review-process

How does everyone feel about the above?  Do we feel like this start to
be outside the scope of Zuul and instead it should be some external
process which listens/watches for events and enqueues things manually
in Zuul if a user wants this workflow?

I'm just trying to gauge out interest on what everyone feels about
this to see what ideal route works not just for us but for many other
future Zuul users.


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