Project dependencies question

Petar Terziev pterziev89 at
Tue Dec 3 17:20:02 UTC 2019

On Mon, 2 Dec 2019 at 18:05, Radosław Piliszek
<radoslaw.piliszek at> wrote:
> Hello Petar,
> 2 cents from me.
> We run into analogical problems with Kolla and Kolla Ansible from OpenStack.
> The thing is that to really have your gate unb0rken you can't really
> allow yourself to have a cyclic dep as commits have to come in some
> order.
> To solve the problem nicely we allow Kolla Ansible (which consumes
> Kolla) to support both the new and the old "interface" during the
> transition period (using versioning and version detection - can be
> duck-typed this way or another).
> It may seem like an overkill when you control both the consumer and
> the consumed project but this is the cleanest way to achieve peace of
> mind with Zuul.
> Think of it this way: if the consumed project were an independent one,
> you would probably want it to have some versioned API with sane
> compatibility rules.
> -yoctozepto

Hi Yoctozepto,

I do agree, the ideal scenario would be to introduce versioning between our
APIs and their consumers. I am currently doing some preliminary work to see
the best way to do this with our projects, in a way that does not
affect the devs'
workflow too much, if at all, and  for management to green-light it,
and then push
for it. But until that comes, we'll have to accept some middle ground, such as
verifying the consumer build in a non-voting job during the check
pipeline of the
API, and adding some cognitive load for the reviewer to check its outcome,
and double check with the change author that they have the corresponding
consumer change ready, before they push it through to gating.


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