Make files matcher match changes with no files

Tobias.Henkel at Tobias.Henkel at
Mon Dec 2 11:47:41 UTC 2019

On 23.11.19, 16:42, "Radosław Piliszek" <radoslaw.piliszek at> wrote:

    Hello Folks,
    I want to ask about
    "Make files matcher match changes with no files"
    It has been 3 months since I proposed it and there has been no
    feedback (well, except for +1 from Jan, thanks) despite the change
    being quite small and straightforward. Please let me know if there is
    something you want to discuss regarding this fix. I tried reaching you
    out on the IRC channel a couple of times but it seems I have been
    unsuccessful in this endeavor.
    I would gladly see this fixed for OpenStack's Zuul to be able to use
    the simplified config where I specify files in base jobs instead of
    each child job reference in the check queue to not disable periodic
    Kind regards,
I've added a question to the review.
I'm really sorry for that delay. In which channel did you try to reach out? It looks
Like I've overlooked this. 


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