Projects config introspection

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Fri Nov 30 17:20:32 UTC 2018


for me, being able to serialize Tenant (or Layout) config into a plain
json object using the API
will be ok.

Our current usecases are:
1) Finding unused configuration items (jobs, secrets) and in turn also
unused playbooks.
2) Graphing the job inheritance structure. Right now we do it by
reading the configuration
files on our own [1], but I think is not the best way to go forward.
We need to checkout the
project repos manually and if we'd want to do anything more advanced
we can end up
duplicating the Zuul parsing logic - unnecessary and error-prone work.


JarekOn Fri, 30 Nov 2018 at 07:36, Tristan Cacqueray
<tdecacqu at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to start the discussion around introspecting projects
> configs. The goal is to be able to efficiently answer the
> following questions:
> * Which projects use a specific job,
> * Which jobs use a specific nodeset,
> * Which nodesets or jobs use a specific label, and
> * Which jobs, labels or nodesets are not used.
> Putting aside the job variants model (which isn't well exposed
> in the current REST APIs), the easiest solution would be to add
> new endpoints, such as /api/job-per-project/{job_name}, or
> /api/label-per-project/{label_name}. But this feels sub-optimal
> and we need a new route for each type of query.
> Another solution would be to add a global toDict() method for
> the whole Tenant configuration object, which can be exposed at
> /api/config (or simply dumped using a zuul-scheduler command line
> argument). This would enable custom search to be done client-side.
> Another solution would be to implement the query using GraphQL
> custom resolver as started in
> Regards,
> -Tristan
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