Multi-repo merge

James E. Blair corvus at
Mon Nov 26 16:40:56 UTC 2018

<Tobias.Henkel at> writes:

> I think this feature should be optional and disabled by default.
> Unfortunately in Github there is currently no possibility for an app to direct
> push onto a protected branch. So at least for github this would be blocked
> until this is resolved by Github. There is an open ticket at github for this [1].
> It is already open since one and a half year. So we don't know when this will
> be available.

If we hand over enforcement of branch protection to Zuul, is that an
issue?  I.e., turn off branch protection and have Zuul enforce the
review requirements, etc, in a pipeline configuration?

It needs to do that anyway since, of course, if it can push, then it can
necessarily override requirements (this is true in GitHub and Gerrit).


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