Semaphores and resources

James E. Blair corvus at
Mon Nov 26 15:43:55 UTC 2018

David Shrewsbury <shrewsbury.dave at> writes:

> I'm a bit late to the discussion, so maybe this point is moot, but is there
> any measurable
> gains from ever doing the node allocation first? I.e., do we have numbers
> showing this to
> actually be more efficient in the "quick job" case?  I'm mostly just
> wondering how an admin
> would know how/when to tune for this specific case if we left "allocate
> then lock semaphore"
> as an option.

I think it would depend on the nature of the job and the load on the
system, so I'm not sure we can generalize there.  I will just say that
in OpenStack's case, we considered (and still may if we get around to
it) implementing AFS mirror updates as a Zuul job; in that case I'd be
more than happy for the system to get a head start on requesting a node
(which could take hours to obtain) at the risk of waiting a few minutes
for a previous job to finish.

Indeed -- consider two such jobs in our system launched at the same time
during a period where it takes 2 hours to allocate a node.  If we
obtained the semaphore first, then then those two jobs would take 4
hours to complete, but if we obtained the semaphore last, they would
take 2 hours.

That at least is the sort of thing a user (not necessarily admin) would
want to consider.


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