Roadmap for running jobs on OpenShift

Tristan Cacqueray tdecacqu at
Sun Nov 18 09:34:24 UTC 2018

Hello everyone,

Please find below a list of topics I think we should address in order
to land the OpenShift driver.

Kube config integration in zuul-executor
As of now, the k8s and the openshift drivers need a setup function in
the exector module in order to be usable:

The Openshift drivers
--------------------- and
are 2 variants to support different kinds of cluster accounts:
self-provisioner and user. The code may be refactored in a single

Inventory update by job
We should consider a pre-run phase to create new resources and update the job
inventory using zuul_return to enable the test phase to uses "hosts: pod",
as proposed in:

Roles and parent jobs
The containers use-cases need a lot of love to manage builds and
to enable new workflows, for example, to promote an image from one
cluster to a central registry and trigger updates in others clusters.
Here is an initial build&deploy Openshift pod as well as
a prepare-workspace implementation using oc rsync proposed here:
Even though this doesn't have to be part of Zuul, I think we should
build new roles in zuul-jobs as a community.

Define the security context
It seems like opinions diverge on the security requirements for running
untrusted jobs in pods. At the summit, I was told that we should keep on
using the root user so that bindep and other service operations stay the same.
I strongly disagree with this approach because containers that run as root
have far more permissions than their workload requires and this could be
abused by untrusted playbooks. Nodepool accesses to a k8s or Openshift cluster
shall be restricted to non-root users to mitigate privilege escallation.
Even though this can be discussed later, I think it's important to set the
expectation immediately and keep users safe.

How many users are interested in these topics and what are your review
bandwidths? Can we get an estimated release date for OpenShift users?

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