Semaphores and resources

James E. Blair corvus at
Wed Nov 14 09:06:52 UTC 2018

<Tobias.Henkel at> writes:

> Hi Zuulers,
> We just discovered an (in our case) unpleasant behaviour of zuul and semaphores.
> Scenario:
> We have a job ‘foo’ with a semaphore of 5. Now the queue grows and we
> have 30 items with job ‘foo’ in the queue.
> The current behaviour of zuul is that it first gets the nodes and then locks the semaphore.
> This means that 5 jobs run and 25 wait for the semaphore but already got and locked their nodes.
> In case the job is expensive and long running this can become quite a
> big resource waste problem if we’re in a quota constrained situation.
> After some discussion on IRC this would be a proposal to solve this problem:
> We could make the order of ‘request nodes’ and ‘lock semaphore’
> configurable per job with a default to the safe behaviour of
> ‘lock semaphore’ then ‘request nodes’. Jobs would still have the
> possibility to do the fast path by requesting the nodes first.
> This makes sense if you have lightweight jobs that should run in a
> fast consecutive sequence and you know that some waste of resources is
> ok.
> What do the other semaphore users out there think about this?

If no one sees any potential problems with the new behavior, I think
this sounds like a good change (including making it the default).


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