Deprecation: zuul-info/inventory.yaml creation moved from validate-host to log-inventory role

Ian Wienand iwienand at
Wed Jun 20 02:16:16 UTC 2018


The "validate-host" role [1] currently creates the "inventory.yaml"
[2] file, which contains the ansible inventory information for the

For some history, the role was originally called "debug-ansible" but
renamed to "validate-host".  Since it collects other ansible
information, saving the inventory was added to the role shortly after
the rename.

As copying this inventory information requires access to the executor
context, it must be run as a privileged job.  However, the role also
includes quite a number of other operations that do not have similar

Due to not currently having an automated CI testing framework for
privileged jobs, this leaves changes to these unrelated parts (like
[3]) with insufficient testing coverage.

The creation of the inventory file has been moved into a separate role
"log-inventory" [4].  We now wish to remove the inventory creation
from the "validate-host" role [5].  This will lower the surface-area
of privileged jobs and also enable more straight-forward testing of
the rest of the "validate-host" role [6].

For the OpenStack ecosystem, the new role will be added to the base
job [7] so this should be entirely transparent.

However, if you build your own base templates, you will need to add
the "log-inventory" role to continue creating the inventory.yaml.
Note that you can do this *now*, and thus be unaffected when the
creation is removed from "validate-host".

Per the deprecation policy [8], but taking into consideration
 * reviews posted for several weeks
 * pending debugging of gate issues with "validate-host"
 * the informational/debugging nature of the output
 * the relative ease of adding the new role to maintain the status quo

I would suggest we merge these changes at the start of next week,
around the 25th June

Thank you


[2] see any job results zuul-info/inventory.yaml

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