Rethinking the design of base jobs

Paul Belanger pabelanger at
Tue Jul 17 20:50:33 UTC 2018


I'd like to open a discussion around the idea of changing how base jobs work,
today base jobs are stored in a trusted config project.  Mostly, this is done
because certain aspects of a base jobs need a secret, for example uploading logs
to  We also have other tasks in a base job, lets say
configure-mirrors, which pre-populates the mirror info on a node from nodepool.

As a recap, the main thing to remember about a config project, or trusted job,
is we cannot leverage the speculative testing around jobs. We first need to
merge a patch, then hope the job continues to work.

In openstack-infra, we've create an idea of base / base-test jobs and some
instructions[1] on how to interact with them.

Now back to configure-mirrors role above, I believe there isn't really a reason
for the role to live in a trusted job, nothing it does will affect zuul security
(think secrets) or interact with zuul-executor (delagate_localhost). And given
that changes to the role need to do the base / base-test dance outlined above,
I'd like to make the following suggestion.

We keep the idea of base job, but we split it into base (trusted) and base
(untrusted).  Given that today zuul cannot support 2 jobs with the same name, I
think it would look more like.

  foo-zuul-jobs (untrusted project)
    - name: base
      parent: base-minimal

  config-project (trusted)
    - name: base-minimal
      parent: null

This means all jobs, now parent to an untrusted project job, with the main
benefit that speculative to base are more easily tested. And things that really
need to be locked down (eg secrets), still live in the trusted base-minimal job
(NOTE: open to renames).

In the case of openstack-infra[2], I actually think a lot of the roles in
pre.yaml can be moved into untrusted jobs, if we followed this idea. The
post-run tasks, are almost all trusted context.

Mind you, we don't really need to make this change in zuul, but I'm more
thinking we should use it as the default recommendation for new users.  I'm
looking to start implementing the change in but wanted to get the
idea out before I proposed changes.


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