Building container images in nodepool

Paul Belanger pabelanger at
Mon Jul 16 19:44:35 UTC 2018

On Fri, Jul 13, 2018 at 11:56:13AM -0700, James E. Blair wrote:
> Hi,
> I think the container spec is just about ready, but one part of it
> recently prompted a discussion that I think could use some wider input.
> Specifically, this is regarding the "container-as-machine" use-case.  So
> think "run pep8 in a container" when you're thinking about this.
> There's a whole bunch of stuff in the spec about container-native
> workloads.  This isn't it.
> The issue is whether or not Nodepool should be able to build container
> images, much as we do today for machines.
> Note that regardless, Nodepool will be able to use "upstream" container
> images from the local Kubernetes registry or Docker Hub.  So this would
> be an optional feature (just as Nodepool can use extant cloud images).
> There are a few reasons to build local images (of any kind):
> * To provide a git cache.
> * To have more up to date packages than those provided externally.
> * To have a backup of a working image if something upstream changes.
> * To have a standardized image.
> * To add local requirements.
> To be fair, the last two might be the same thing said different ways.
> In an offline discussion prompted by the spec, Monty has suggested that
> running a git mirror in Kubernetes may obviate the need for using custom
> images for a git cache [related: applying this to VM images as well
> could reduce image sizes there; he's planning on writing up thoughts
> on this more fully later].  So if we take that out of the equation, the
> question becomes:
> Are the remaining reasons for building an image locally sufficient to
> build this functionality into Nodepool?
> A quick clarification: we're obviously not going to write a new image
> builder either way.  We're talking about having Nodepool run some
> existing container image process on a periodic schedule and upload the
> result to the local registry.  The main benefit to Nodepool doing this
> is using the same images across different registries, having a daemon
> performing the image builds automatically, and the ability to roll-back
> to previous versions.
> If you have thoughts on whether this is useful, or if it should be
> omitted in favor of relying more heavily on base images or external
> systems, please let me know.  I'll try to collect feedback and update
> the spec early next week.  Then we can merge it.  :)
I'd be in favor of having nodepool also build containers, along side VMs.
However, if nodepool also learn how to use containers from a registry, that is
nice too. The main thing I like, is single place to see VMs and container
image builds.

- Paul

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