Improving new user experience

James E. Blair corvus at
Wed Jul 11 14:49:40 UTC 2018

Joshua Hesketh <joshua.hesketh at> writes:

> On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 5:15 AM, James E. Blair <corvus at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Recently Artem has rightly pointed out that the experience for new users
>> wanting to run Zuul is not good.  We have some work in progress to
>> improve that, and some efforts which are stalled and could use help.
>> Here's what I think we should do:
>> 1) Continue work on the Zuul From Scratch guide.  This part of the
>> documentation ends right after the Zuul services start up, but without
>> telling anyone how to actually get Zuul to do anything useful.  It needs
>> to continue to explain:
>> * Configuring a pipeline
>> * What a base job needs to do
> Specifically something about how to handle logs and artifacts. This, in my
> opinion, is currently a poor experience for new users. I would expect to be
> able to install zuul and tell it to run python jobs and be done with it if
> I was just playing/evaluating. Having to set up some kind of log server (or
> any other service for that matter) is something I would only care about
> once I go into production or scale.
> Additionally I would add:
>  * How to set up apache/reverse proxy. It's documented elsewhere but needs
> to be in the from scratch guide. (This could incorporate a log server).
>  * How to set up database results.

Yes these are great things to document.  We want the base job in
zuul-base-jobs to be usable out of the box (either by reference, or by
coping) to put logs either on a remote server, or just in a directory on
the executor, so that no additional setup is required for a new user.
That's not quite working yet, but Paul is picking up some work Monty
started to rework and standardize log and artifact publishing
interfaces[1], which will hopefully feed into this.  Any help on the
items you listed (including that) would be great.



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