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James E. Blair corvus at
Tue Jul 10 20:54:41 UTC 2018

Matthieu Huin <mhuin at> writes:

> Tristan, Fabien, Nicolas and I have been working on some hands-on
> articles for using Zuul within Software Factory. These cover some of
> the items you list, so we'll gladly rework them as upstream
> documentation patches if this is something you'd be interested in.

You are experts at deploying Zuul, so that makes a lot of sense!  One
thing that may add difficulty to porting your current work directly
upstream is that Zuul's documentation can't really recommend installing
softwarefactory RPMs.  But, happily, most of the Zuul From Scratch
document is already written past that point.  The work you're doing on
how to start using it once the software is actually running may be
easier to port, and that's the part we're missing upstream.

> We have also published articles about setting up Zuul as a 3rd party
> CI, and as the gating system for Github PRs, which could be a nice
> complement to the upstream doc as well.

Also, I believe Tristan and I discussed adding a HOWTO section which may
be particularly suited to articles like these, once we have the basics
in zuul-from-scratch.  I just went and looked for it and found that the
change to add it fell off of my review dashboard because of a false test
failure; I've rechecked it and will re-review it soon.  It's at:


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