Canceling a running job

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Tue Jul 10 13:42:20 UTC 2018

On 2018-07-10 15:29:46 +0200 (+0200), Matthieu Huin wrote:
> Yesterday we ran into a case where a periodic job had to be
> stopped in the middle of its execution.
> Generally speaking, this use case is rather generic, as one might
> want to be able to stop a running job for a variety of reasons
> (free up resources, prevent "something bad" from happening
> accidentally, etc). Is this something we could add into Zuul? Is
> there a spec for this or should we start one?

For v2 there was a partly-completed implementation of a `zuul
dequeue` RPC client subcommand as a counterpart to `zuul enqueue`
but I'm not aware of any work restarted for this under v3.
Jeremy Stanley
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