Canceling a running job

Matthieu Huin mhuin at
Tue Jul 10 13:29:46 UTC 2018


Yesterday we ran into a case where a periodic job had to be stopped in
the middle of its execution. We ended up doing the following:

* check the console stream to grab the nodes' IP addresses, from the
ansible role that sets up firewall rules (this was a multi-nodes
* SSH into each node and manually reboot the nodes

This is obviously suboptimal, and possibly not pullable on single-node
builds. Is there any better way to do this, or at least to get the
nodes' IP addresses for any given build?

Generally speaking, this use case is rather generic, as one might want
to be able to stop a running job for a variety of reasons (free up
resources, prevent "something bad" from happening accidentally, etc).
Is this something we could add into Zuul? Is there a spec for this or
should we start one?



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