Dashboard routing proposals

Tristan Cacqueray tdecacqu at redhat.com
Tue Jul 3 01:36:20 UTC 2018


with the recent angular6 refactor, the web interface components routing
slightly changed as it is now managed by the navigation javascript
component. Unfortunately this broke multi-tenant setup and we need an
extra fixes to support it.

Here are some options:

A) Make the navigation component call a relative 'api/info' endpoint
onInit to be able to introspect the deployment mode: the returned json
may contains a 'tenant' value to indicate this is a white label setup.

B) Always assume white-label and document that multi-tenant needs to
redirect the entrypoint to 't/tenants.html'

C) Always assume multi-tenant and document that white-label needs a
rewrite rule to redirect the entry-point to 'status.html'

D) Rewrite the navigation endpoint to rely on a '#!' anchor, this would
be a mix of the first option (A) to introspect the setup mode, but
using a single 'index.html' file instead.

I would prefer D because the current design makes multi-tenant setup
looks special with the needed '/t/' path and it feels like a
second-class citizen.

On the other hand, B or C sounds simple enough and this wouldn't delay
much the next release.

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