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> 2) Allow someone creating a child job to specify a fallback branch for
> Zuul to use when searching for parent jobs.
> Essentially, we would modify the algorithm in the same way as the
> previous suggestion, except instead of determining the fallback branch
> based on the default branch of the parent job, we would let the child
> job supply the fallback branch.  At each level of recursion as we walk
> up the inheritance path, a new fallback branch could be provided.
> I'm inclined to implement option (1) at least.  That is very similar to
> what already happens today with git repo checkouts.  I.e., if you did
> manage to run one of the jobs in the examples I described, you would get
> the master branch of devstack checked out in the job because of the
> existing fallback behavior.  It makes sense that the job matching
> algorithm would be similar.  And I think in many of the cases where this
> issue comes up, it would do the right thing automatically (certainly it
> would have in all the examples thus far).
> I'm on the fence about option (2).  I see no reason not to add it other
> than perhaps it's unnecessary complexity.  Maybe we should avoid
> implementing it until we find a compelling case for it?  Or do folks
> anticipate a need for that now?

Although I could see wanting the ability to do #2 (for example, matching
a new nodepool:feature/zuulv4 branch against a shade:feature/zuulv4
branch), I cannot immediately find a need for it right this instant.

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